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UK Bi Folding Doors can help transform you home or business with the space saving features of Bi Folding Doors

Aluminium Bifold Doors

Our extensive range of Aluminium Bifold Doors provides your home with unique character, letting in light to any room and creating an effect of voluminous space. Aesthetically pleasing, Bifold Doors are the modern alternative to traditional sliding patio doors, providing a 90 percent clear aperture.

Simple to operate and reliable, the doors slide on integrated top & bottom rollers unlike conventional patio doors that are hung from the top. This eliminates the need for heavy duty lintels and allows a much smoother operation. With each door panel measuring up to 1100mm width so there is more glass and less visibility of aluminium, giving you uninterrupted views of the exterior.

Bring the outside inside!

The installation of Aluminium Bifold doors will create a stunning visual experience in any room merging your terrace, garden or patio with your work or living area.

When installed flush with the interior floor level to the exterior, you can truly see the effect of bringing the outside in which cannot fail to impress visitors.

Low Threshold Option

Our non-weathered or low threshold options merge two areas with flush floor levels. These are highly practical for interior use whether in the home or for commercial and industrial premises. Because we sink the threshold into the floor there is no danger of tripping, ideal when you are considering health and safety in the workplace.

The weathered threshold option is perfect when you are seeking to merge internal doors with the exterior; for example, Aluminium Bifold doors opening onto a patio or decking.

Bifolding doors available in any RAL colour

We carry in stock Aluminium Bifold doors with gloss white or anthracite grey matt finishes. However, there is a choice of more than 200 RAL colours available. If you require a different colour to standard we will need to order the panels in which case there will be a slightly longer waiting period.

You may also want to consider the possibility of one colour for internal to match the décor or your room and another for external.

There are also textured paint options and we have an extensive range to choose from.


Frame Width: 60mm
Frame Thickness: 70mm
Maximum Opening Width: 15000mm
Opening Height: 4000mm
Panel Height Range: 800mm - 3884mm
Panel Width Range: 450mm - 1100mm
Glass Units: Standard 28mm Double Glazed
Aluminium Thickness: 1.75mm

High Performance Double Glazing

All bespoke Aluminium Bifold doors are made with the STAYCOOL brand of sealed unit double glazing providing an energy efficiency that is outstanding (1.0.U value), as well as reflecting 57 percent of heat derived from direct sunlight. However, your furniture will not be damaged because these units also provide 35 percent glare reduction.

Thermal performance of glass is measured by the ‘ U value’ which dictates the rate of heat loss. A low ‘U value’ indicates high performance and in the case of our products, the STAYCOOL brand has an overall value of 1.5 which is excellent.

High Security Locking

Featuring concealed high security locking mechanisms our Aluminium Bifold doors are impenetrable, making it impossible for intruders to gain access through a locked unit. They simply have no way of interfering with hinges, door gears and fixings. High security shoot bolt locks on floating mullions are fitted as standard. However, maximum security can be achieved on traffic doors, where possible, when multi point hook bolts are installed.

Handle Options

External key access allows entry through traffic doors with lever handles operating the hook bolt locking system on traffic doors, whereas a shoot bolt lock operates intermediate panels via interior fold flat handles. Your choice of colour for handles on traffic doors is enormous (more than 200 RAL colours available). Standard colours include chrome, black or white and if you require ‘D’ handles they can only be supplied in chrome or black. If you choose a colour from the RAL range the handle’s style will be different and will come at a higher cost.

For more information about styles and colours of handles contact us.


Hinges on our Aluminium Bifold doors are concealed when doors are closed with the exception of the hinge knuckle. This ensures that intruders cannot interfere with door hinges from the exterior. Four stainless steel rollers are contained in roller hinges, which are fitted at the base and top of sliding panels, and run along double tracks. The metal casing that encloses the rollers is aesthetically pleasing and assists in keeping dirt away from them.

Please note that hinges are supplied in black finish only.

Open In or Out

There is no extra charge on our Aluminium Bifold doors for choosing to open them inward or outward. All doors are bespoke to match your individual needs and will fit perfectly no matter whether they open in or out.

Installation / Delivery Lead Times

Installation Whilst our Aluminium Bifold doors can be installed on a DIY basis, and are regularly installed by constructors, we recommend that when you have invested in such a high quality product you ensure installation by professionals. Our own highly qualified installation team is available in most areas of the UK. Experienced installers will make sure that your doors are perfectly fitted and function flawlessly before they leave the installation. To find out whether our installation team is available where you live contact us or select the installation service when you request a quotation online. Delivery Lead Times Lead times vary depending on the season doors are ordered and demand. Below are average lead times for supply only from the point a deposit is secured on the order and full details of items required are confirmed.
• White (9016) or Grey (7016) finish 10 - 15 working days
• Single RAL colour 10 - 15 working days
• Dual RAL colour 20 - 25 working day
• Integral blinds 20 - 25 working days

Product Guarantee

Warranty for faulty manufacture
Warranty for glass sealed unit performance (excluding breakage)
Insurance backed warranty for our installation service


  • Attractive Slim Line Aluminium Frames.
  • Doors to be Internally Beaded for Maximum Security.
  • Bubble Gasket Black for all Round for Maximum Draught Proofing.
  • Verso Handles and Locking System to be fitted. White/Black/Chrome/Gold/Satin Nickel
  • Lever/Lever Locking Handles, White/Black/Chrome/Gold/Satin Nickel
  • High security Hinge, Colours White/Black/Chrome/Gold/Satin Nickel
  • Draught Proofing Black Wedge Seal to Doors.
  • Polyester Powder Coated to Our Standards RAL Colours for Long Lasting Finishes.
  • Fitted with Finger Safe Gaskets, Child Friendly.
  • Security Cylinder Locking, Anti-Snap, Anti-Bump, Anti-Pick, Anti-Drill, Anti-Tamper.
  • Tongue and Grove (interlocking) door panels to Prevent Lever Opening
  • 5 Point Multi-Locking, with ‘Secure by Design’ anti-snap Cylinders
  • Top & Bottom Rollers for Even Weight Distribution and Smooth Operation.
  • 70mm x 70mm Aluminium Frame Sections.
  • Metal Technology Hi Quality Thermally Broken System.
  • 28mm Clear Toughened Low-E Double Glazed Units with a U-value of 1.2.
  • Polyester Powder Coated to Our Standards RAL Colours for Long Lasting Finishes.
Payment Terms

We require a 50% deposit with order and the balance is payable on the day of installation.
Payment can be made by credit or debit card at no extra cost or alternatively via bank transfer.


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